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Streaming Enabled – Mostly

I was able to discover a few fixes in the music scripts that I use here to bring back the streaming of music online here. One problem still to solve is that if you choose to seek in the file while it’s playing – you’ll lose the seek time displayed in your music player. There’s […]

Hosting Move

After spending more than a week banging my head against the support teams with over the poor performance of my DVM hosting, I’ve moved to a new hosting provider, Media Temple. The transition was actually pretty smooth. So far things look to be actually better than with DVM hosting… So we’ll see. Only one […]

Updated MP3 Files

I’ve uploaded all new copies of the Christmas MP3 files last night. I was listening to some of them and discovered that a few of them had crackles and other noise in them. I encoded them from some of the CDs and perhaps a few of them were damaged. This time around I took them […]

Thoughts On New Christmas Music

Greetings again! As you have probably already figured out – it’s been quite some time since any new music has been brought up on this Web site. But I think that I’m going to try and get some new music out for Christmas this year. At least one track! (I can’t keep blaming goofing off […]

All Is New Again…

Welcome back to The Music Shoppe. I’ve resurrected my old site in an attempt to push myself into getting some new music out and about. So far the only things new on this site is the way it looks! I’m slowly going to be getting my old music and files back into operation while at […]