All Is New Again…

Welcome back to The Music Shoppe. I’ve resurrected my old site in an attempt to push myself into getting some new music out and about. So far the only things new on this site is the way it looks! I’m slowly going to be getting my old music and files back into operation while at the same time bringing some new music to life.

Please excuse the dust as everything is still settling in…

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Reader Comments

Hi Dave,
Brilliant,and rejuvanated web site. Contacted you afew years ago to say that the stuff was great, and it still is! Is there any new stuff on the way and is Greg Wiseman still about working with you?
Keep up the great music!

Hey Dave,
Glad to see you back. I was one of those guys you helped get hooked on MIDI back in the old BBS days when you were still in Independence.
Hope you still put up some new MIDI’s on your page.

Tom and Jack – thanks for the visits. I’m still trying to get back into doing some music. I think I’m actually going to get some 2006 Christmas music going again. I haven’t spoken with Greg for a while. I found his Web page a little bit ago. Looks like he’s still making some pretty cool music. You can find a link to his site on the Links page. As far as MIDI files go – I do plan on getting all of the old files back online for years and years ago. But these days – they’re pretty hard to find! Oh for the days of dial-up modems would people want to see those again! Keep checking back!

The site is looking good and it’s great to have access to all the old stuff again. I am waiting to see if there will be any new stuff, and will keep checking back. Well done on the site.