Top 10 – Christmas Music

While not new Christmas music in nature (from The Music Shoppe) – I put together my first Top 10 list of Christmas music. You can check out the posting on my Pulp Free Web site or just browse through the music samples on this site…

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for all of our Web guests…

(Okay, okay – next year new music from The Music Shoppe!!!) 

The Wind Beneath My Wings

Just a quick announcement about a new song I added to my music list… The Wind Beneath My Wings – a recording from an old MIDI of the Week archive song.  You’ll find it for your listening pleasure under my “Singles” area.

Also – as a side note – it’s already December again – and a whole year has passed once again… Christmas songs? Ahhh… yeah… I thought that I’d try and talk myself into doing some this year… Maybe? Likely? We’ll see… I’ve actually started a few tunes that haven’t made it very far… But I might surprise myself.

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